Why is it that two of the supposedly most democratic and advanced countries in the world, the United States and Britain, are now two of the most invasive when it comes to privacy? Britain now monitors it’s people closer than North Korea and China. Two countries that our News Media touts as such horrors when it comes to individual freedoms.

Using the excuse of Terrorism has founded a whole new industry withing the United States.

Let’s open peoples mail without a warrant. Why? Terrorism of course.

Let’s listen to peoples phone conversations. Why? Terrorism of course.

Let’s put a fence across the Mexican/US border. Why? Terrorism. (When was the last time you heard of a Mexican terrorist enter the US? Never? Hmmmmm….)

There are so many examples where the catch phrase of “Terrorism” is being used to advance a career, make money, or push a political agenda. It’s a form of domestic terrorism in itself.

Wikipedia: definitions of terrorism include only those acts which are intended to create fear or “terror”.

Okay. So, a terrorist is someone who creates fear or terror. Say, CNN? MSNBC? ABCnews? These are all “for profit” news agencies that have been sensationalizing the news to raise their viewership. Scaring people raises their ratings. How many times have you sat and watched the news, only to hear over and over again how the world is going to end, your in danger if you go out, North Korea is going to use Nukes to kill us all, blah blah blah. So, by the definition of Wikipedia they are ALL terrorism organizations. Ya, I know, I know, I’m taking it too far. But am I?

I just find it so frustrating that so much money, time, and freedom is being wasted in the name of Terrorism. When in reality it’s just a way to push someones agenda, make a buck, or hold power over someone. Most terrorism incentives do NOT increase the safety of the American public. It just puts more beaurocracy in place.

Ya, I’ve probably lost my security clearance now, because I’ve question all this bull. All in fun.