The State of California in cooperation/bed with the California Dental Association (read lobby group) is trying to pass new legislation. This time it’s trying to pass a regulation making it a requirement to have a dental appointment for your child before they are allowed in kindergarden. A link to the “requirement

 I can understand the need to have your child see the dentist by the time they are in kindergarden, but what gives them the right to make it a law that you have to? It’s already hard enough to get a kid into school here in California that it’s beyond reasonable. Letting a lobby group dictate that you MUST do such and such before your child is allowed in school is ridiculous. What ever happened to parental responsibility? Ya, there are bad parents out there. So we need to puinish everyone else?

Did you know they are also trying to pass legislation in California to make it child abuse to spank a child? How about having you reported to the California Child Welfare agency if you take your child out of school without giving them a “valid” excuse, and THEY decide what is valid. Oh, and let’s not forget that some of the districts here in California are trying (some succeeding) to charge you monetarly for taking your child out of school for any reason not on their “valid” excuse list. I’m serious, as hard as it is to believe this is true.

The Republik of California is getting out of control.

Just my two cents.