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I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never liked people telling me what to do, the time I spent in Alaska, or what, but I have been becoming more and more frustrated lately with the way things are being run.

No, I’m not going to start bashing Bush. I’m not one of these couch bound Monday morning quarter back wanna be’s that think they have all the answers. I know I don’t.

What I find so troubling is this. The way our government, state, local, and national, is using terrorism to perform acts, in the name of security, that nickle and dime our privacy away is scary. I work at a Navy site, there are guards at the gates. I have to wear ID badges every where I go. It’s just part of my job. On my way out to pick up the girls from school I was stopped by one of these “guards” and forced to provide, my drivers license, proof of insurance, registration, Government CAC card,  and military vehicle sticker number. Plus a cursery look in my truck. Why? It’s a “terrorism check” is what I was told. Terrorism check?? I work at a weather site in the middle of Monterey California for god’s sake!!! What the hell kind of terrorism do they expect? Oooh they might stop a weather forcast, ooooh, the danger. Better take out the other THREE forecast sights that the Navy has, plus the twenty or so NOAA sites, the Air Force sites, and the misc public forecast sites also, which means damn near every local news station in the country. Ooh the terrorism danger is SOOOO very high!
What a bunch of crap! It’s nothing but an excuse for the military MP’s to show their guns and force people to bow down. It’s bullshit.

On my wall at work I have posted a notice from the Department of Motor Vehicles of California. They sent me a nice little letter saying that they will be revoking my registration on my truck if I do not send them another copy of my insurance. Seems Geico doesn’t automatically inform them on insurance renewells. So, now that I registered my truck in the state of Californica, AND don’t get me started on the crap that took! It only costs me an extra $200 a year to drive an over sized vehicle, um, I mean a standard sized pickup for those of you who don’t live in this hell hole of an environmentally full of crap state. To add to the insult I had to provide proof of insurance at the time I registered my truck, and now they are threatening to revoke my registration if I don’t provide it again.

I know it’s just a bunch of little annoyances. But when does it stop? That’s what scares me. What are the limits? I was on a phone call to my best friend in Iraq, before he died serving this country. During the conversation I started to harass him about homeland security monitoring all overseas calls. I started to spout garbage like, anthrax, kill the president, blow up the world, radiation, nuclear weapons, etc etc… The phone line went dead. I’m not kidding. The connection went away. What’s with that?? So much for the freedom of speach.

At what point does it stop being about security and become more about power? The power of a government to suppress people? I’m sure the Germans had doubts in 1937, but let them slide, thinking, it’s only a little annoyance every now and then.

That’s my fear. When does security for the people become security over the people?

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