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There was a very interesting comment put on this web site yesterday. Here it is. It’s a request for information on whether or not Ssgt John L. Hartman Jr. was the son of a ex-Marine former Marine named John L. Hartman that did time in Viet Nam.

John L. Hartman Sr. is a retired Marine Gunny who spent time in Viet Nam. I called John Sr. this morning and asked if he knew a Major John Lackey when he was in Viet Nam between 1968 and 1969. Turns out the Major used to be a Corporal in the Marines during Viet Nam,  he must have gone Green to Gold, and once I said the name, oof, stories started to fly. (-: I guess John Sr. and John Lackey were bunk mates during that tour, and they haven’t spoken since. 38 years it’s been.

 I sure would like to be a fly on the wall when these two get together. It’s a sad way for two old Marines to get back in touch, but, at least there are some good things coming from John’s loss. It’s really strange to think that these two spent 13 months together in Nam when John was just a year old. John was born in 1967. So, for his whole life these two didn’t have any contact, and yet, in his death he’s brought them back together. It’s like bookends of a story.

 John Lackey, if you ever read this note, let me know how you found this site. I’d be interested to find out.

Semper Fi

Note: I did a quick edit of this post right after publishing it. I wrote Semper Fi, and then thought about the history and definition of what Semper Fidelis means. It means “Always Faithful” I found this on the main Marine web page. I also read the quote “This is why there are no ex-Marines, only former Marines.” So I fixed my post appropriately.

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