Suddenly in the last three days I’ve been getting slammed by spam. Somehow a bot has gotten ahold of my web site and keeps adding very nasty and explicit spam to the site. I’ve been cleaning them by hand and have just upgraded the site with Akismet to try and keep the crap from actually showing in the posts.

51 spam attempts in the last 3 days. All from the same IP address. Which turns out to be running a http server called nginx which in turn is run mostly by russian websites. Looking at the full domain name I get the following A little playing and this links me to  which has a  “report abuse” page. I’ve put in my report. We’ll see if anything comes of it.

I’ll run nmap and some other port scanners and security scanners against the site later tonight and see what other fun and interesting things I can discover about this site. I feel that if they can spam me, well, I can return the favor.

By the way. The ip address shows as banned on many of the spam filter sites.

Well, I’ve been in a bad mood. Now I have someone to take it out on. Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Catch you in Cyberspace you spamming bastard!