For anyone who has checked this site lately you’ve probably noticed I haven’t written much lately. It’s not because life hasn’t been eventfull. It’s really just been a mood thing. I guess I’ve just been going through a down phase after all the crazy happenings of John’s death. Hopefully writing this note will break the ice and I can get back in the habit of dropping comments and thoughts on the web site again.

Some things that have happened since my last writing.

  • We went and saw the Hearst Mansion/Castle. Amazing place.
  • Nora and Molly turned 8.
  • Roberta started working at a Vet Clinic.
  • I’m working my tail off installing a 6+ Teraflop Linux Networx cluster.
  • I went and saw the doc and currently have the best a1c I’ve ever had. A 6.5,I usually run 6.8 to .6.9. Perfect blood pressure and perfect colesterol. So, I’m waiting to get hit by a bus.

Life has been moving on.