How is it possible for a day that started so well to get so bad.

My morning started by waking up 1 minute before the alarm went off. I literally sat on the side of the bed and waited for it to beep so I could shut it off.

Then Megan and I headed out a little early so we could go hit the coffee shop in Pacific Grove and have a few minutes together. On the way there her Sax case slips and slams into the stereo in my truck. Ah crud! Wait a minute, now the display is green instead of orange, and I can read it!!! My stereo has been broken for over a year, but her banging the case into it hit the buttons just right to change the dislpay color and fixed it. Go figure! Whoo hooo.

 Then during coffee I gave Meg $5 for lunch and on the way out the door she drops it with out realizing it. We’re in the truck getting our seat belts on when a guy walks up, taps on her window and says to her “I think you dropped this.” and hands her back her $5 bill. Sweet!

I drop the mouse off at school and head down the hill into P.G. and to work, thinking to myself, darn this is a nice drive as I look down the hill over the buildings of P.G. and out into the bay.

Commute through Pacific Grove


And then I get to work. The rat infested, beaurocratic, crap filled office. Believe it or not I actually used to like working here. I think that was in a different life. Now it’s nothing more than an eight hour stint in hell. Oh well.