If your doggedly following the “We’re all gonna DIE! The world is going to end because of Global Warming!! Run, hide, don’t drive your car! Send all your money to my organization” Then you might want to go ahead and skip this post.

The timing on this was pretty good.  I woke up this morning, went out to the truck to head for work, and behold, I had to scrape my windows for the first time since living on the coast of central California. It’s a darn good thing we have global warming, otherwise, think how cold it might be. We might all be freezing to death if it weren’t for global warming.

I loved how all the GW (Global Warming, or Gore Worshippers, you pick) people blamed the horrible hurricane season of 2005 on GW. Then pththth…. 2006 and NOTHING! Gee, they sure did get quiet on that didn’t they. Grrrr….. Quick let’s twist all the facts to fit my theory, a theory made to make money no less, and try all ways possible to shut up or discredit any doubters. Think I’m being over the top here? Then check out this, Good old Heidi Cullen of the weather channel advocates:

The Weather Channel’s (TWC) Heidi Cullen, who hosts the weekly global warming program “The Climate Code,” is advocating that the American Meteorological Society (AMS) revoke their “Seal of Approval” for any television weatherman who expresses skepticism that human activity is creating a climate catastrophe.

 The BBC News had an article out requesting anyone in the climate business that had funding cut, or papers censored because they questioned global warming. After the initial request the article is GONE. Cannot find, no originals, no follow ups, nada. What happened??? They didn’t even question the truth of Global Warming, just the tactics used to shove an idea down the populations throat.

 I’m not completely doubting that Global Warming is possible. I am however calling bullshit to all these people who claim they know what’s causing it. If their so good at predicting the future, tell me, is it gonna rain next Wednesday??? Then how in the hell do you expect me to believe you can tell me what the temp is gonna be in 100 years? And don’t feed me crap about computer models, that’s what I do for a living, and I KNOW how inaccurate those are!

So there. I’ll get off my soap box. I’m just so sick and tired of hearing about how Global Warming is to blame for Everything! And by god, you better not question the theories or the science behind it, that’s all magic and if you question it, well you must be a terrorist, or nazi or fill in your own nasty word here.

One final word. Baaaaaa…… Global Warming is gonna kill us all. Baaaaa…. Re-elect Gore, he invented the internet and is a climate specialist, Baaaaa…… He’s gonna save us all….. Baaaaa…..

Question what the idiots on the idiot box are saying! Don’t believe a word anyone says unless you either trust they know what they heck they’re doing or you can check to facts yourself! There are so many out right lies, fact twisting, and bullshit surrounding GW that it drives me to distraction.