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Now here is a flashback to the good ole days. My old boss Joe Wooten, from the army days dropped me a note yesterday and today sent me two pictures of the Ft. Campbell gang. Hard to believe, but here we were.

 Ft. Campbell Gang

 This was a while ago, circa 1987. Let’s see if I can’t get this correct. From left to right.

John Hartman, Dennis Earhart, Mike Weidman, Eric Underwood, Leon Perkins, John Lumpkin, Rich Hickey.

(Thanks Mike for the update on Underwoods first name. I totally locked it.)

Funny how John and I are the bookends. I’ve heard Dennis ended up in Seattle, that’s from Mike, again thanks for the update. Mike Weidman I’ve spoken to a few times in the last couple of months. I’d love to find out what happened to Underwood, last I heard he was still in Georgia, but that was so many years ago it’s not funny. I haven’t heard from Perkins or Lumpkin since the day I left the Army, although I have heard through the grapevine that Perkins is still in the Clarksville area and that John Lumpkin is working at Ft. Campbell as a civilian now.

Here’s another pic of the gang that Joe Wooten sent me.

Ft. Campbell Gang


Wow, what memories this brings back.



     If your reading this then your one of the ones I’m talking about. I hope everyone realizes that this little piece of the internet was originally started just to have a place for me to put pictures of the kids and our adventures so that my family could see them. I have a tendancy to live far from my family. Most of my family when I started this site was in Seattle, WA. I was in Alaska at the time, then Mississippi, then California. So in an attempt to keep from being a total black sheep I started with a gallery page and threw some pictures up.

     Then as things are want to do, this page started to evolve as I played and started to learn a little PHP programming and ran across the wordpress software. WordPress in their own words (You’ll love this) is

WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. What a mouthful.

 Simply put it’s nothing more than a pretty decent blogging software. It’s been fun playing with it, and it’s really changed the look and feel of this site.  I started to blog and write about 6 months ago or so. Nothing big, just something to play with. I started to get a few hits from friends and family. I was linked to from Crabby’s Kitchen (A friend down in Mississippi) and had a little bit of activity.

     Then hell happened and we lost John. Ssgt. John L. Hartman Jr. was killed in Baghdad Iraq by an IED on November 30th 2006. (That was for all the darn search engines that are banging on the web page now.)

     Since we lost John this website has turned into a location where I can put up pictures of John, talk about him a bit. It’s where friends and family can drop notes to each other, where old friends we haven’t seen or heard from in forever get back in touch. Sadly, it’s also been where some have learned of John’s passing.

     To let you know how the web page has changed, before John passed I was getting a hundred or so hits a month, most of them being bot searches and the like, and then family and friends. Since the day of John’s passing things have changed a bit. In just the time since he passed, 42 days, but I’m not keeping track…

  1. 587 unique computers have attatched to my website.
  2. 813 unique computers if you include the search engines
  3. 4285  if you include multiple hits from the same computer.
  4. 54 total posts with over 80 comments.
  5. If you google John Hartman Jr. my site ranks in at #6

     As you can see. Things have changed a bit. I’m not complaining mind you. It’s been really good to be able to share pictures and thoughts about John. But, I’m just a hack at this. So, no one get’s to complain about how well I’m doing. 🙂

     It sure has felt good to see all the hits and to read all the comments. I must apologize to all of you who left comments and I didn’t reply or only replied with a very short note. It’s been a difficult time as you all know, and I haven’t been able to make myself respond to a lot things yet. So, if you left a comment and I didn’t reply, it wasn’t because I didn’t read it, it’s just been hard.

     Anyhow. Enjoy the site, make comments, please please post comments and stories about John. If anyone has a good story about John and want’s to post it here just let me know. I’ll be glad to either give posting/author rights or post it for you.

     Thanks for being here and reading this.


Rich Hickey



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