Since learning the fiddle wasn’t hard enough I’ve purchased two, yes two, mandolins to play on. One is strictly an acoustical Mandolin that I practice on and the other is an electric. However the electric has a neck issue and only plays easily in the first position. However both are fun to play and I’m having a good time learning a new instrument.

 Mandolins have the same tuning as a Fiddle and have almost the same fingering. Thus, this shouldn’t be too terribly hard to learn. Well, maybe. Anyhow, I can take a lot of the songs I already know and port them to the Mando without too much difficulty.

I’ve done some research and found a really good Mando page by Nigel Gather. He actually teaches the mandolin in Edinburgh England of all places. There are some really good tutorials there and also a listing of tunes he teaches in his classes. His Beginner page and his Improvers page both have some really good tunes.

Anyhow. I’m going to learn the Mandolin. That’s my current goal.