I’ve been called by multiple reporters at this point. Each with their own questions and ideas about what to write. One, however, has stood out to me. I’ve spoken several times now with a reporter out of Tampa FL. by the name of Jan Wesner. She is currently doing a project called Standing By at the St. Petersburg Times.

What makes Jan different? Well, she’s a mom to young children, writer, blogger, and wife to a Major in the army who is about to head for Iraq. Doing what you might ask? The exact same thing as John, that’s what. He’s going to be part of an MITT group, a group that will be training the Iraqi Army.

So, as you can imagine. Jan has some ties to John’s story. She also wrote a very nice article that I just finished reading.

Jan, if you ever read this, well, I can’t promise your husband will come home safe. No one can. But I will promise you that his buddies over there will do everything in their power to bring him home, as he will for them. Good luck with your story, I’ll be watching it and I’ll keep in touch.