For those who haven’t heard of them. There is now an organization called the Patriot Guard Riders. This is a group of citizens (mainly riders) who have taken it upon themselves to show support at all military funerals. They may be better known for keeping Unwanted Guests (UG’s) from protesting at the funerals of our military personel. This is the part that gets the most news coverage sadly. Only this is only a small portion of what they do, their main focus is to show the colors and help those who have lost loved ones in the service of their county.

The reason I bring them up is that there are many many notes of sorrow and condolenses on their Forum pages in regards to John and to his family. Here is a link to their section on John. I ran across this almost by accident.

The second reason for bringing this up. They will be attending John’s service. The family has given approval for them being there. And yes, if the family asks them not to show they won’t. I don’t know them yet, I’ve only had a few emails and phone calls with them so far, but, so far I’m impressed. They seem to be a very good group of people, just ordinary people doing what they can to help out the families.