I’m trying to remember some of the good times.

Just so you all know. John was not the type of friend who would bail you out of jail. That just wasn’t his style. No, he was the type of friend who would be sitting next to you in the cell going “I cannot believe we actually did that! That was a BLAST! hahahaha…”

I ended up down in Atlanta for a week while John was in Georgia, so we hooked up with a buddy of his Drew, and drove down to Florida to do some fishing with his dad.

John and Drew Fishing

It started out quiet enough. But, it was hot, and there was beer involved, and before you know it, well, I’ll just let the pictures tell the story.

Psycho Fishing

And then it really got out of hand.

That was a fun trip.

That was also the trip where John won us all free beer at a local bar by winning the tricycle races. (-: Buy me a beer some time and I might tell ya that story.