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Well, Supercomputing 06 is coming up soon. November 11-17th in Tampa FL. I was planning on attending, I had approval from all parties involved and was getting set to make my reservations when the commander of FNMOC decided to nix the whole thing. I’ll try to keep my disgust for how things have been run lately from completely clouding my judgement.  I won’t succeed, but I’ll try.

Anyhow, since I actually work for Northrop Grumman, the company that just laid off 1/2 the staff here with a whopping 9 days notice, oops there’s that disgust again, and they won’t cover any expenses that can’t be directly billed to the government, I figured my chances of going to SC06 were about nil. Then out of the blue comes a co-worker with a plan. Not sure if it’ll truly happen or not, but here it is.

I will be traveling to Tampa the week of the conference to do an interview with another company. Yep, I’m going to the conference to shake hands and maybe go to work for someone else. Gee, I feel so bad thinking about leaving the loveless embrace of Northrop and the destructive management of fnmoc. That and I already know I will need another job in less than 8 months. They, fnmoc and NG, signed an 8 month bridge contract for my position. So, I have a job for at least 8 months right? Wrong! Since I have some marketable talents NG decided to demand payment for those talents from the govt, and no, it doesn’t get passed on to me. So, they overpriced the task order and now there isn’t enough funding for the full 8 months, more like 6 months. Hmmm… Think they would tell me that? NOT! I found out because one of the govee people got a case of the concience and didn’t want me to get slammed by a two week SURPRISE! your laid off! Oops, the disgust is showing again. So, now at least I have a heads up and can spend the next 6 months finding a decent job in a place I want instead of taking whatever I could find on short notice.

Look out SuperComputing, here I come! Resume in hand no less. (-:


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