I know. I know. I haven’t updated the website nearly enough. However, in my own defense, life has been a touch hectic lately. What with half the contractors being laid off and all. Yep, half. We started with 25 Northrop Grumman contractors here at Fleet Numeric, and now we are down to 12. Gee, are we having fun yet? The only, slightly, good news is that some of the Northrop Grumman contractors have come back for another cheaper contracting firm. Same job, same pay, only very limited benefits. How nice of them eh?

On a good note. My truck once again lives. IT LIVES, IT LIVES! In fact I’ve driven almost a hundred miles on it so far. It’s not running quite right, I still have some work to do. But, once again I am mobile. I did a full heart (motor) transplant, mostly by myself, and it works. Amazing.