Well, I made it through my first big layoff phase. It seems that the FY07 budget for FNMOC wasn’t enough to keep most of the contractor staff. They say the FY08 budget should be better, I’ll hold my breath. So, we all found out yesterday that about 1/3 of the staff was to be let go on the 29th of Sept. So nice of them to give plenty of notice eh? Some of the laid off folks have been here for 5+, 10+, and one 20+ years. Thanks for all the hard work. Now get the hell off the property.

      I’m one of the semi lucky ones. I still have a job, probably. It’s not a done deal yet. There’s still some negotiation going on between NGIT and the Govt. Now for the other shoe. My new contract will only be for 8 months. Seems there isn’t enough money (if it’s signed) to cover for the full year. So, they are going to do 4 one month contracts to cover the last bit of the year before FY08. Oh, and they don’t have to option any of the four. So, I will very likely be laid off some time next year. Gee, are we having fun yet?

      Well. That’s what’s going on here. I’ll grumble and gripe about something else later.