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    I went on a business trip up to San Francisco yesterday and got in fairly late. That combined with my allergies had me sleeping through my alarm this morning. As such I ended up getting Megan to school an hour late this morning. All is good so far.

     While continuing on to work my cell phone rings. It’s the Pacific Grove Middle School.

School:Did I know my daughter was late this morning?

Me:Why yes I did, I dropped her off after all.

School: Well why was she late?

Me: I worked late and slept through my alarm:

School: That’s not an acceptable excuse and Megan will have to do detention for the class she missed and the one she was late for.

Me: (steam blowing out my ears) Excuse Me?!?! I dropped my daughter off late because I over slept.

School: Appointments, business trips, and the like by parents are not an acceptable excuse for children to be late to school. (Said in a snide way)

Me. Well, I’m sorry to inconvenience you. I’ll be back to pick up my daughter, she can go to work with me. She will not be doing detention.

School: Well that’s our policy.

Me. Frankly I don’t CARE what your policy is! I’ll turn around now.

School: Let me get the vice principle on the phone for you Mr. Hickey.

Me: You do that!

Vice Principle: Mr. Hickey? Good morning. I understand your daughter was late this morning.

Me: Good Morning. Yes she was. I overslept and just dropped her off a few minutes ago.

Vice Principle: Mr. Hickey our Policy Book clearly states that Business trips, appointments, etc by the parents will not be considered an acceptable excuse.

Me: Okay. That’s fine if that’s what you want.

Vice Principle: Well, since Megan does not have a valid excuse for being late this morning she will have to do detention.

Me: No. She will not. I overslept and I will NOT allow you to punish my daughter for something I did. That will NOT happen.

Vice Principle: Well, sir, it’s our policy.

Me: I don’t care what your policy is. I will NOT allow you to punish my daughter for something she has not done. I’ll be there shortly to pick her up and she can miss the whole day while we straighten this out.

Vice Principle: Well, we don’t want her to miss any more school. Tell you what, how about we just ignore this incident and let her get to class.

Me: That sounds like a good idea.

Several comments about sending home the “Rules Book” with Megan. Me commenting an “whatever you like” blah blah blah. Goodbye. Click.

 What a load of crap from a school. A school is supposed to be a place where my daughter goes to learn and interact with other children. It’s not a prison. Frankly, the local schools suck. They have this opinion that they can push parents around, make arbitrary rules, and then tell the kids and parents that they “have” to follow them. I’m sorry, she’s my daughter and she doesn’t have to do anything you tell her that I don’t agree with. And, I would suggest to the school that they NEVER again tell me what I HAVE to do. They might find themselves in a bit more hot water than they expect.

They need to seriously start concentrating on what they are supposed to be doing. Educating children. Because frankly, they can’t get that right. They suck at it. Putting bullshit little rules in a bullshit little rule book in no way improves their piss poor education system.

Okay. I’m done ranting.


     Well, I made it through my first big layoff phase. It seems that the FY07 budget for FNMOC wasn’t enough to keep most of the contractor staff. They say the FY08 budget should be better, I’ll hold my breath. So, we all found out yesterday that about 1/3 of the staff was to be let go on the 29th of Sept. So nice of them to give plenty of notice eh? Some of the laid off folks have been here for 5+, 10+, and one 20+ years. Thanks for all the hard work. Now get the hell off the property.

      I’m one of the semi lucky ones. I still have a job, probably. It’s not a done deal yet. There’s still some negotiation going on between NGIT and the Govt. Now for the other shoe. My new contract will only be for 8 months. Seems there isn’t enough money (if it’s signed) to cover for the full year. So, they are going to do 4 one month contracts to cover the last bit of the year before FY08. Oh, and they don’t have to option any of the four. So, I will very likely be laid off some time next year. Gee, are we having fun yet?

      Well. That’s what’s going on here. I’ll grumble and gripe about something else later.

Well, I’m headed for Utah tomorrow. Will be attending a Linux Networx conference and users group meeting. We’ll be staying at the Zermatt Resort. Interesting place. Looks nice. Won’t be there long though. Flying out Sunday night and back Tuesday night. Won’t have much chance to see any sights. Oh well. I’ll post some information once I get back.

Well, we went and dove in Otters Cove yesterday. Map to Location.

Otter cove is just north of Lovers Point and about a mile from the house. It’s a good place to see, wait for it, yep, otters. (-: We did see one when we were getting ready to head down into the water. He was beating on something he had on his belly. They like to hang out on the edges of the kelp. Here is a link to the Monterey Bay Aquariums Otter Cam.

We did two dives there. The water was very brown/green at the uppper levels. We’re having an algae bloom that’s just terrible. I hear it’s pretty common for around here. However, once we got below about 20ft it cleared up some and we had a pretty good time.

We also had a seal checking us out again. Startled me the first time I saw it. I was surface swimming out on my back and when I rolled over and stuck my head in the water there was this big blurred white thing about 7 ft below me. Took a second to realize that it was a seal. (-:
Kirk took the camera with us so hopefully I will be able to include some pictures soon.

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