On August 1st 2006 our friend Marshall Mahoney lost his battle with Cancer.

We only knew Marshall for about a year. We really met and started to get to know one another right before and after Katrina. Marshall was battling his cancer and wasn’t feeling too well when I saw Carole trying to get the shutters up on the house by herself. I, being the gentleman that I am, (no laughter please!), offered to help out. And, thus, after almost a year of being almost neighbors we met and started to become friends.

Marshall was seeing a doctor in New Orleans at the time and was supposed to start Chemo a few days after Katrina rolled in. As it turned out they evacuated to the Houston area for a bit, then came back to Mississippi and he started his Chemo over in Baton Rouge. Yes, during the nightmare following Katrina. Their house ended up with, if I’m remembering correctly, 6 trees across it. Caroles house in New Orleans, which they still owned, ended up completely flooded and destroyed, with the loss of almost all contents.

One of the most memorable things about that time was that I don’t believe I saw Marshall a single time without a glass of his favorite scotch in his hand. Both before and after Katrina. Before, well hell, he had Cancer, as he put it, I’ll worry about my liver later, and then after the storm and after chemo started, it was just, why not, I enjoy my scotch.

I cannot do justice to the loss of such a fine person, so, anyhow. Sorry to lose you Marshall, you were a hell of a guy. Our hearts and love go out to Carole, your in our thoughts often. Don’t forget us, and please keep in touch.