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Well. It’s coming upon us fast. The first anniversary of Katrina. Since it’s going to be on a wednesday this year we have decided, like Crabby, to have a party on Saturday the 26th of August. A party you may wonder, why the heck a party? Well, mainly because we survived the damn thing and plan on thumbing our noses at mother nature. Maybe I’ll get smashingly drunk, stand down by the water edge and yell, “That’s it?!? That’s all you got??? You wuss!” Then I’ll run scampering back to the house before the tidal wave, or lightening , or some other disaster takes me out. (-:

Side note: So far the family and I have survide the 6.3 earthquake in Seattle, the 7.9 earthquake in Alaska, trees falling on our house, the 500,000 acre wildfire behind our house in Alaska, and then hurricanes Ivan, Cindy, Dennis, Katrina, and Rita. The only one of which to nail us was Katrina of course, the others just clipped us. But, as you can see, we’re not afraid of mother nature. Maybe we should be, but so far she just likes to keep us on our toes.

Anyhow, what better way to remember the damage and horror but to thumb our noses in the air and have a rip roaring party and drink, yes drink, good ole southern style Hurricanes until we’re too drunk to drive the blender. We’re planning to have the West Coast version of the “Katrina was a big ole Beotch party”. Although I’ll need to come up with a new name. I’ve stolen that one from Crabby herself, until I can come up with my own.

I’m already planning to have a blue tarp on the roof, a couple of blow up palm trees laid over in the yard, I’m putting a big ole FEMA sign on the neighbors Airstream trailer, I know, they weren’t airstreams, but, remember this is California. I’ll try to grab my other neighbors boat to tie up to the front porch. We’ll have bottled water, MRE’s, and the few FEMA Heater Meals I still have left. I’m sure the locals here will be wondering what the heck I”m doing, too bad for them. This party is for me and mine. If others want to come along for the ride, well then, let’s drink. We lived it, were gonna party it! We were lucky, so very lucky, and I figure we should celebrate that.

Well. I’m looking for names. I’m open to ideas. “The Blue Tarp Regalia?” “Mother Nature can be a real Mother party?” “Wow, that was bad. Let’s drink.” “Katrina? Katrina who? Hic..” I need a good catchy name for the get together. So help me out with some naming ideas. I need to make the invites pretty soon. Also, if your in the Pacific Grove, CA area on the 26th swing by. I’ll have burgers, dogs, and lots of alcohol ready and waiting. Just look for the house all decked out in modern disaster design.

Also, If you weren’t there and don’t like the idea of me having a party, and yes, I’ve had a few people (very few thank god) express displeasure over the idea of me throwing a party. If your one of em, Shut the hell up. You have no idea of what your talking about, you couch sitting, tv watching, backseat driving, sniveling waste of good air, foolish turd sucking maggot. Not that I have an opinion or anything. (-:

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