I have finally started my dive class. I ended up going with Bamboo Reef in Monterey. It’s actually on the edge of Monterey and Pacific Grove. Not far at all from the house. Bamboo Reef is an SSI dive shop. I was a little concerned about this because I’ve only ever been aware of PADI. But, there seems to be multiple certification agencies now. PADI, SSI, and NAUI just to name a few. I also verified that the PADI dive shop, Aquarius, would accept the SSI Open Water Cert for entry into their multiple specialty dive Certs. They do.

     One thing that annoyed the crud out of me is the fact that the first chapter in the SSI Open Water book was more of an infomercial than anything else. I finally go so tired of seeing ‘Your Local SSI Dealer’ will help you purchase “fill in the blank” that I got out the good old Sharpie and started crossing them out. 26 times in the first chapter. I was getting frustrated enough that I started calling other dive shops to see what PADI and NAUI were like. I found out they’re damn near as bad. What a crock. Oh well. I just have to put up with the marketing crap for two weeks and then I can do what ever I like.

      Another Rant. Because I’m a type 1 diabetic I have to fill out a special medical form and have my doctor say I can dive. Okay, I can see that, it makes sense. However, I also have 4 pages of “SSI Dive Protocol” I have to fill out and follow. Why this is such a load of bull I shall shortly explain. It seems that the “Dive Protocol” was developed by a doctor, Duke H. Scott,  back in 1995, updated (some) in 2001. This protocol is designed for a diabetic on the MDI program, or multiple daily injections. Which means they take a long acting insuling for their basal rates and a short acting for thier quick acting. What they do NOT take into acount are diabetics on an Insulin Pump, like me, or those using some of the newer ultra fast acting insulins. I tried to explain this to the Dive Shop owner. Didn’t care. Needs the stupid protocol followed. I explained it won’t work for me. Didn’t care. So I told him I’d have it all filled out by the time it came to my pool and open water sessions. In other words, I’ll treat it like a theoretical exercise. I’ll make up some numbers that look good, and then do what I need to do to be safe. Life sure would be easier if people would just have a little flexibility and not be so stuck in the box. Grrrrrr….

     I know, I know. Shut up and go diving. At least I get to go diving. By the way. I would include pictures, but my digital camera has gone to the big toaster in the sky. The lense motor died. Took it apart, but, it’s a gonner. Oh well. I’ll pick up another camera again soon so that I can take pics of my diving experiences.