Well, I haven’t posted much in the last week or so. Been somewhat brain burned. Still reading the “Federal Plan for High-End Computing.”  I’ll post some high lights on that when I get somewhere with it.


 I also plan to do some research into the Global Warming hype and see if I can’t point out some debunking information. I’ll get to that when I can.


 But of greatest importance. The girls and I ended up getting masks and snorkels to go with our wet suits. So now we can not only go surfing and boogie boarding we can also go snorkeling in the fridged waters of Monterey Bay. In fact we had our first outing on Sunday. We went down to the beach at Lovers Point here in Pacific Grove.


Waters were a touch chilly, mid 50’s I’d say. Waves were pretty calm, but the water was still pretty murky. The ladies stayed pretty close to shore only adventuring out to about armpit depth on them. I decided to go a touch further and see what I could see. I did see two fishies, pretty small ones. One looked like a perch and the other like an oversized sardine. Not too exciting, but hey, it was my first outing.


What was really strange was to be floating along the top with the sea grass waving 4-5 feet down while being surrounded by kelp, all this while in murky water. Makes ones imagination get going. ie, gee, where’s the shark? hehe… I’m hoping to hit different locations around  the Pacific Grove area. Just snorkel around and have some fun. A co-worker and I will be taking our dive classes starting on the 18th of this month at the bamboo reef dive shop. I have all the paper work signed by the doc, I had to get a bunch of forms signed because of my diabetes.


I did ask the question of Minimed (the maker of my insulin pump) what information they had about pressure differences effecting a pump. I know soaking them in salt water is bad for their functionality, but I figure if I wore a dry suit then the pump wouldn’t get wet, so why couldn’t I just keep wearing it. They have NO information on what pressure differences would do to a pumps performance. So, I’ll just take it off. Oh well, at least I get to dive, so I won’t complain. At least not too loudly. (-:


Anyhow. That’s what’s up for now. I’ll try to get some pictures of the girls snorkeling for fun. When I do I’ll put em up.