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If anyone actually hit’s this web page they might notice I have added a small script/applet on the right that shows the readers IP address and the type of OS/Browser being used. Well, this logs to a file where I can check it out later.

And this is where it get’s interesting. My little web page is getting hits from Hong Kong, China, Canada, Japan, and many other places, and here’s the kicker. All these odd ball hits are all using the EXACT same configuration. Hmmmmm…. So, when was the last time you used Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows 98). All of these odd ball hits are exactly the same. Makes one wonder.

I also see hits from Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Yahoo! Slurp;) and Sphere Scout&v4.0 (beta) which both turn out to be blog search bots. Hmmm… I might have to look myself up some time.

By the way. I am using

which will show a geographic location for a lot of the IP addresses. It misses a bunch, but at least I can get some idea of where some of the few hits are coming from. Besides the ones above I’ve been tagged from San Francisco, San Diego, Kentucky, and Virginia. Kind of fun to see.

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