I’ve started to ride my bike to work again. It’s roughly 7 miles or so each direction. A nice ride. I start down the road and head for the ocean.

Start of my commute

 I then ride down towards Lovers Point. This is a nice park for the kids to play at. It’s about a mile from the house to here.

Lovers Point. The start of the bike trail.

 Here is the view off the bike trail out onto Montery Bay.

A view of Montery Bay from the bike path.

I pass through a bit of a noisy neighborhood, and it can smell at times. Who would have thought that someone who spends so much time in the water could be so odorous. This is just one of the beaches where the local Sea Lion population hangs out at.

Local Sea Lion population 

Through Cannery Row and on to the Warf in Monterey.

The Warf in Montery.

I think I’ll stop here and keep the rest of the commute for another day. Needless to say I have a pretty nice commute to work every day. Now if I just weren’t so lazy. Oh well. 🙂
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