We watched a late night program on the weather channel last night about Hurricane Katrina. It was one of those programs where they go and show how they predicted this could happen. (Funny how many people can do that after it happens.)

Anyhow, it was actually a fairly good program. Not too much bull crud. It’s funny how watching something like that 9 months and half a country away can still make it so I don’t sleep at night. I’m wooped today, didn’t sleep well at all last night. On the program they were showing what the area was like today. Still all tore up beyond belief. I picture all my old co-workers and friends down there dealing with it on a day to day basis. It seems so surreal that we went through it and now are living such a normal life so far away. I have flashes of the downed power lines as I rode my bike across them, dodging the tree branches and debree in the process. I remember the heat, the smells, how everything was a dull brown. The looks on peoples faces.

 Ya. I remember.